Get the most advanced at-home fertility monitor

The Mira Plus, allows you to pinpoint a wider fertile window (6 Days) and displays numerical hormone levels for LH, estrogen & PdG.

✓ Works for people trying to conceive or avoid pregnancy

✓ Discrete & easy to use 

✓ At-home lab-grade tracking

✓ 99% accurate hormone analysis

✓ Tracks your 6 most fertile days

✓ Works for people with PCOS


Get the most advanced at-home fertility monitor


Mira Fertility Plus Is A Game Changer

Know when you ovulate ahead of time

Learn exactly what is happening with your hormones by tracking your entire cycle. Visualize a wider fertile window (6 days) and get clear insights to back your fertility goals.

Suitable for all fertility goals

Whether you are trying to conceive or avoiding pregnancy, Mira Fertility Plus measures your fertile
and infertile windows.

See your numeric hormone data

No more guessing. Get an actual number for your LH, Estrogen and PdG levels, easily understand your trends, and how this data is related.

Discover your unique hormone patterns

Receive personalized insights within the Mira App and get customized cycle analysis from our support team.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Receive your money back if you used Mira for 3 months and no LH surge was detected.


Pay with your HSA/FSA card to get

Financing Available

Pay only 25% of your order’s total on check-out and 25% bi-weekly with no interest using Sezzle.

Why track estrogen and the luteinizing hormone together?

Estrogen is essential to the fertility process. By combining these two hormones, you can identify your full fertile window and pinpoint ovulation. Plus, these hormone levels are related to IVF, menopause, hormone imbalances (such as PCOS), and other conditions. By measuring LH + estrogen you’re getting so much more than fertility tracking—you are tracking your health.

Dr. Li-Shei

certified in Ob/Gyn and reproductive endocrinology 
and infertility and clinical professor of reproductive medicine

Why Mira Fertility Plus is different

Offers easy to read
hormone levels.

Get fertility alerts reminding
you of the best days
to have unprotected sex or avoid it.

In addition to ovulation, identify
all the phases your cycle goes through.

Easily identify your unique
hormone curves. This means no
more missed peaks. Mira is PCOS-friendly.

Step 1

Immerse the test wand into urine for 10 seconds. You can expect to test 10-20 times per cycle.

How Mira Works

Step 2

Insert the wand into the analyzer. Your fertility hormone concentration result will sync into the Mira App.

Step 3

The Mira App’s advanced algorithm will provide personalized and accurate data about your fertility window.

Tracking with Mira
vs. other methods

Stay in-sync
with your cycle!

Never lose your fertile peaks again. Gain more knowledge and get empowered to make accurate life decisions! Let Mira do the work for you.


You're struggling to conceive

Many of our customers have struggled to conceive for months or years on end, but finally got their Big Fat Positives thanks to Mira’s powerful AI technology. We all know that the hardest part about conceiving is getting your timing right—with Mira, you can track your cycles to know exactly when to have unprotected sex, and get pregnant!

Why is Mira right for you?

You have PCOS

There are many women with PCOS who use Mira to track their cycles. Mira is different from all other OPKs because Mira gives your actual hormone concentrations. With PCOS, elevated LH is usually common, and OPK will give you positive all the time. With Mira, you can see your actual hormone levels and curve even if your baseline LH is high.

You're avoiding a pregnancy

Mira’s technology allows you to accurately pinpoint your ovulation ahead of time by displaying your 6-day fertile period. This way, you can avoid having unprotected sex throughout this time.

Please note: Mira has not been approved by the FDA as a contraceptive.

You're naturally family planning

In this day and age, being able to plan for the future is important. With Mira, you can NFP (naturally family plan) by backing your decisions with numerical hormone tracking. This way, you know exactly when you are ovulating and can make decisions ahead of time.

You're going through an IVF/IUI process

Whether you or a loved one is going through an IVF or IUI process, Mira’s technology can help you pinpoint the most fertile days in order to make these procedures highly successful!

You're LGBTQ+

Families come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. If you identify as LGBTQ+ and are TTC, you can use Mira’s technology to help you pinpoint numerical data regarding the most fertile periods in you or your loved one’s body—and successfully conceive!

Your cycles are irregular

Irregular cycles are very common. If you are trying to keep track of your fertility and feel like there aren’t accurate methods out there for you, Mira can help. Track your cycles, your ovulation, your periods, and gain control of your reproductive health, easily.

Mira Fertility Plus is a game-changer for TTC

Tracking with Mira
vs. other methods


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Irregular cycles are very common. If you are trying to keep track of your fertility and feel like there aren’t accurate methods out there for you, Mira can help. Track your cycles, your ovulation, your periods, and gain control of your reproductive health, easily.

Your cycles are irregular