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Capture your hormone count in the palm of your hand

Tracks LH, E3G, PdG, and FSH

Identifies your 6 most fertile days

Take control of irregular cycles, PCOS, and hormone imbalances

Predicts & confirms your ovulation

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Mira measures 3 key fertility hormones through urine: LH, E3G and PdG. It quickly identifies your 6 most fertile days and predicts your ovulation.

Get Numeric Hormone Results

Forget fading lines, faulty ranges, painful pricking, and “yes” or “nos.” Get a hormone score and numerical readings of your LH, E3G, PdG, and FSH levels all in one place. 

See your Hormone Patterns

Our algorithms are trained and optimized on 4M+ hormone data points and 370k+ menstrual cycles. Mira uses smart technology that gets smarter every day.

Predict Your Ovulation Day

Track your full cycle. Pinpoint your ovulation day plus a 6-day fertile window to time intercourse or fertility treatments accurately. 

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Success Stories


“Because of Mira, I'm Expecting My Second Miracle Rainbow Boy”


”Thank you Mira for helping me create my very own MIRAcle”


”Mira’s Precise and Easy to Use System Helped Me to Get My Son”


“Will Definitely Be Using Mira on Our Next Conception Adventure!”


“Mira Helped Me to Communicate Accurate Information to My Fertility Doctor”


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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Receive your money back if you used Mira for 3 months and no LH surge was detected


Pay with your HSA/FSA card to get reimbursement. 
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Pay only 25% of your order's total on check-out and 25% bi-weekly with no interest.

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"Within 3 cycles of tracking, I was able to conceive and I’m positive it wouldn’t have happened without Mira"

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